Fashion, prestige and magic of consumption 7.5 hp

Spring 2024
Part-time 50%, Mixed times
No obligatory attendance

The course has a clear holistic approach and highlights the emergence of fashion as a cycle and system in a historical Western context but also illuminates its current global, political and identity formative dimensions. The course is multidisciplinary and offers a review of both theoretical classics and current contributions from several disciplines such as Social Anthropology, Fashion Studies, Sociology and Cultural studies, with an emphasis on fashion studies and social anthropology.

The course provides an introduction to fashion as a socio-cultural phenomenon, linked to notions of prestige and consumer magic. The aim of the course is to provide an in-depth understanding of fashion, consumption and prestige as distinct but still interrelated phenomena.

As luxury and luxury consumption are regularly associated with the fashion area, the course also highlights the meaning of luxury within the context of the course’s focus.

The link between fashion and luxury consumption is specifically addressed. By clarifying the deeper mechanics of these phenomena and their shifting cultural contexts, a more complete and nuanced understanding of the contemporary fashion and consumption landscape is also provided.

Great emphasis is placed on the importance of clothing, body, and identity. Sustainability and ethics are included as central perspectives.