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Textiles and Fashion

National responsibility

Textile is a unique material, being ubiquitous in human life. Textiles occupy a central part of all human cultures. Likewise, textiles constructs and deconstructs social status, gender, perceived age, culture, and social class. It is one of the largest industries globally. At the University of Borås, textiles as education and research focused on three subjects design, textile technology, and textile management. Textile and fashion are among the areas in which the University of Borås, through the Swedish School of Textiles, has national responsibility for both the development of the artistic perspective and the cross-disciplinary collaboration between art and science.

From textile fibre to final product

The University of Borås is nationally unique (Nordic unique also) by having a research and education environment for textiles all the way from textile fibre to final product. In this production chain, aspects of design, textile technology and textile management are covered. Our full-scale laboratory, workshops and technical facilities make us stand out from most European universities and schools.

Moreover the Swedish School of Textiles is considered one of the top five schools in terms of educational and research environment in textiles. The main research areas within the design are Fashion Design, Textile Design and Textile Interaction design; textile management deals with sustainable supply chains and business models, marketing and consumption, circular economy and inter-organizational relationships and textile technology focuses on materials, process technology, resource efficiency, and functional and smart textiles. For that, the Swedish School of Textile is well-known worldwide and considered as Borås ambassador.


The research groups in Textile and Fashion have significant collaboration with several Swedish and European universities and industries, including TEKO (Sveriges Textil och Modeföretag).

Our aim and vison

Our vision is to be one of the top international universities in textile and fashion in education and research with a high focus on sustainability and digitalization. And to strain our unique completeness environment consisting of design, textile technology and textile management with truly comprehensive full-scale laboratories and workshops.

We aim to lead the textile and fashion industry in creating sustainable societal and environmental impacts and providing solutions that exploit the school’s research and innovation excellence.

Together for the future

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We collaborate with Science Park Borås, a part of University of Borås. Visit the webpage of Science Park Borås.


Nawar Kadi, Research Area Representative for the research area of Textiles and Fashion
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