Inclusion based on people's needs and the opportunities afforded by technology to be highlighted in new research centre

Nasrine Olson, Senior Lecturer in Library and Information Science, spoke about the creation of the centre: “In SUITCEYES, we learned a lot about inclusion, policies, and all the challenges that exist in society for people with deafblindness. We had good results and were encouraged to expand upon our research in related areas; that is what INCLUDE is all about.”

INCLUDE will focus on studies on the social conditions that often underlie the how physical attributes are a differentiating factor in how people are treated.

“We want to tackle established norms, values, and attitudes to create a better understanding and to promote and enable social change, where needed. Through networking and community around these issues, we can create the power to make changes in society.”

INCLUDE is a part of the research area Library and Information Science, but it also has good collaborations in place with, for example, Smart Textiles, the Swedish School of Textiles, and other organisations. The centre brings together interdisciplinary knowledge from many different research fields, such as information technology, computer science, computational linguistics, engineering, haptics, disability research, music and performing arts, neuroscience, design, textile engineering, and museology. The centre has international members involved and the aim is to develop it further into a strong hub for related research, innovation, policy development, and social change.

“INCLUDE gives us the opportunity to create a knowledge hub and build a strong network, both nationally and internationally, and where the University of Borås can be the unifying force,” said Nasrine Olson.

The earlier SUITCEYES project helped to build a large network of researchers and contacts with many different organisations. The ambition is for this network to grow and be used in other types of research projects related to inclusion in the future. Olson also hopes that the haptic lab created as part of SUITCEYES will be further developed and eventually become a physical space for advanced developments in the field. 

New research project

A new research project, MuseIT, or Multisensory, User-centred, Shared cultural Experiences through Interactive Technologies, will start this autumn. With this, the formation of the research centre will be underway.

MuseIT’s research aims to increase access to cultural experiences, such as museums and theatres, through the development of multi-sensory representations and alternative expressions in order to widen engagement and participation in cultural co-creation and to develop methods for the preservation and protection of cultural heritage with inclusion at the core.

The MuseIT project is funded by the EU Horizon Europe Framework and brings together eleven partners from Europe and the US for three years.

“We are very proud that we have received funding for MuseIT, which will be coordinated by the University of Borås. “

The project starts up in conjunction with a symposium on 17 October: Towards Access for All - Inclusion through Multisensory Interaction. The symposium is free of charge and open to anyone with an interest in the topic. Please register to attend.

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About INCLUDE: Centre for Inclusive Studies

Director of INCLUDE: Nasrine Olson


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