New waste sorting symbols and new food waste bags

The symbols on the stickers are part of a new Nordic labelling system to make it easier to sort waste correctly.

Borås Energi och Miljö, which collects our waste, is already using the new symbols and designations, and during the summer we at the university have replaced our waste stickers in the entrance hall to the Nordic common sign system, they are now on containers in the corridors, at the environmental station at the entrances and in the environmental storage in the garage in Balder, says Maria Westerlund, Administration Officer for the sustainability work at the university. 

For example, compost is now called Food waste (Matavfall in Swedish), combustible waste is called Residual waste (Restavfall in Swedish) and landfill is called Non-recyclable (Ej återvinningsbart in Swedish). The sorting guide next to the bins will also be updated with a QR code, via which it is possible to get answers about sorting if something specific is missing from the university's sorting guide.

New bags for food waste

In Borås, the black plastic bag for food waste is now being replaced by a paper one, and at the university we will also switch to paper bags during the summer. You sort your food waste as before. In the paper bag you should put fruit and vegetable scraps, meat and fish scraps and other food waste. On its website, Borås Energi och Miljö writes: "Try to let wet food waste drain before putting it in the bag. If necessary, you can add some newspaper or used kitchen paper to the bottom. Food waste is converted into biogas and bio-fertilizer."

Guide for how to sort waste

Please contact Campus och hållbarhet if you have any questions about recycling and waste sorting.

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