They are nominated for the Pedagogical Prize 2023

The university annually rewards a pedagogically skilled teacher. A total of 24 teachers have been nominated and now the nominations will be reviewed by the assessment group. The nominations have been made by students and the winner will be appointed by the student union.

The nominated teachers are:

Alexis Palma

Anette Gustafsson

Antonios Tsertsidis

Camilla Eskilsson

Christian Benjaminsson

Christina Rask Swensson

Christopher Larsson

Day Kihlman

David Eriksson

Fardin Saedpanah

Fredrik Ståhl

Frederick Zimmerman

Johan Eklund

Lari-Valtteri Suhonen

Lars Hedegård

Leif Andersson

Madeleine Berndt Stragnér

Maria Persson

Maria Ringbo

Marte Pettersson

Michael Titus

Oili Saikkonen

Patrick Lennartsson

Patrick Hedberg

Rolf Appelkvist

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The Pedagogical Prize will be awarded in connection with the Academic Ceremony on 3 May.

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