Housing for international students

Exchange students

Exchange students will receive additional information about short-time housing to their registered email, once they have received their admission letter. 

Fee-paying and non-fee paying degree students

If you are a degree student, the University of Borås does not provide assistance in finding accommodation, which means that it is up to you to find a place to live. For more information on finding accommodation in Borås see the page Finding a place to live.

Students coming with family

Student housing is not suited for families and the International Office is not able to help students to find other apartments suitable for families. Finding accommodation can be difficult for students who plan to come with their families or spouses. Normally, only one person is allowed to live in a student room. Sometimes it is possible for two persons to share a student apartment, please note that they are few and in high demand and children are not allowed. Your best options if you are brining your family to Borås is to search for a regular apartment/flat at a rental agency or a sublet apartment from a private landlord. It is important that you inform the agency/landlord about how many people are going to live in the apartment before signing a contract.

Guest researchers and visiting staff

The services offered by International Office are for admitted students. If you will not attend the University as an exchanges student or a degree student, you should contact your supervisor or contact person for guidance.