Temporary accommodation

If you plan on booking temporary accommodation, we urge you to do so before your arrival as it can be difficult to find a room with short notice. Inform the youth hostel or hotel about your estimated time of arrival as the reception may have limited opening hours. Below is a short list of budget accommodation close to the university.

STF youth hostel – Borås Camping

Address: Campinggatan 25 (approx. 2 km from the University)
Phone: +46 (0)33-35 32 80
E-mail: info@borascamping.se
Website: borascamping (external link)

centRum Turistlogi

Address: Nygatan 4 A (approx. 500 m from the University)
Phone: +46 (0)705-41 55 29
E-mail: info@cent-rum.se
Website: cent-rum.se (external link)

Hotell Solhem Park

Address: Vendelsbergsgatan 42 (approx. 2 km from the University)
Phone: +46 (0)33-10 01 10
E-mail: info@solhempark.se
Website: solhempark.se (external link)

More alternatives could be found at the Tourist Office in Borås (external link).