Clinical Training Centre

Nurses with or without specialist education daily meet patients with different needs for care, which places high demands on clinical competence. At the KTC, skills and scenario training is provided in clinical and communicative competencies in care processes that require assessment, decision making and practical action. The training enables students at the undergraduate and graduate level to convert theoretical knowledge into practical skills.

KTC contains advanced patient simulators, digital training tools, cameras, TV screens, projectors and more. The equipment is used to simulate real situations, such as the treatment of patients with rapidly-developing illnesses or severely injured patients. With the help of camera technology, complete examinations can be conducted; it also provides the opportunity for students and teachers to jointly reflect on recorded material when debriefing.

The aim is that the student should feel secure in the various practical elements that are part of the nurse's or specialist nurse's duties. The training is part of the university's integrated learning approach.

The KTC has facilities and equipment suitable for research as simulations can take place in a controlled laboratory environment. Examples of research areas are patient safety, assessments and treatments, but also the design and evaluation of clinical equipment to avoid exposing patients to risks.

KTC is staffed by professionals, training technicians, nurses, assistants, lecturers and doctoral students. They ensure quality and knowledge growth in teaching, and carry out development and research projects.

The opportunity exists for external stakeholders to use the KTC at the University of Borås, for example for further training of municipal and county council staff, or for research.