Central Library Programme Strengthening the capacity to access and use of scientific information resources in Mozambique

Central Library Programme Strengthening the capacity to access and use of scientific information resources in Mozambique

To achieve this goal were defined six specific objectives:

  • to strengthen the capacity of the human resources within SIBUEM, through training in master and PhD programs, as well by professional development training programmes
  • to enhance the access to information resources, by increasing the number and the quality of e-resources, to support scientific research activities within the UEM and at the country level
  • to enhance the effective usage of information resources, by upgrading the technical procedures within the SIBUEM and addressing regular training in information literacy to the academic community
  • to consolidate the cooperation and collaboration within the national academic and research library consortium, by drawing plans and strategies to take over the financing of e-journals during and after the programme
  • to develop the exchange between librarians and lecturers of the UEM and University of Boras, with view to establish a ways of joint production of knowledge and to explore the possibility to introduce post-graduate programmes in Library and Information Science at UEM.

This programme was designed considering two important ways to support the research development at UEM: i) training human resource in MSc and PhD programmes; ii) training of staff in a series of workshops/short courses; iii) improvement of scientific information access. This model has been chosen in order to provide the programme with necessary experiences and competences to further develop the modern research library to ensure the capacity to support research and teaching activities during and beyond the end of programmes funded by SIDA, and to contribute to the development of advanced education in LIS in the country. It will also combine deep training of librarians and other staff involved in the process of implementation of the modern library services, and support the consolidation of the national consortium of the higher education and research institution libraries. This means that during the coming years all librarians will be encouraged and strongly involved on the activities planned, specially, in activities regarding to the consortium of higher education libraries (joint selection of the e-resource, joint staff training, funding the subscription, etc.). In this way, the Central Library, leading and working as a consortium, will be capable to continue supporting the development of research and studies at UEM and at the country level.

Researchers/University employees