Emergency care of children in a school environment: A multi-professional collaboration for the good of children in school

Emergency care of children in a school environment

A basic education in emergency care of children is missing in the courses/programmes at the University of Borås, something that is vital for staff who meet children at school, pre-school and library. Being able to handle an emergency situation and to have the ability to act has proven to be of great importance and an important part of general knowledge for people in society. Emergency care of children differs from how to care for adults. The project is an effort to create an environment for learning, by allowing students and researchers to contribute perspectives for education in basic, acute care of children in preschool and school environments across subject and faculty boundaries. The project is multi-professional and is aimed at three professional categories that meet children in and in connection with school and who are educated at the University of Borås. These categories are primary school teachers F-3, specialist training with a focus on paramedics, and librarians.

Researchers/University employees

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