MISTRA Environmental Communication (WP5)

MISTRA Environmental Communication (WP5)

The consortium also includes 28 societal partners, covering a wide range of environmental and sustainability concerns and perspectives – from climate action to nature conservation, hunting and agriculture, and from the local to the national and international level.

The vision of Mistra Environmental Communication is that by 2030, effective environmental communication practices will underpin Sweden’s transformation to a more sustainable society, acting as an internationally recognised model of critical and change-oriented communication that is socially legitimised and inclusive. This is the result of a strong collaborative approach, scaling out from MISTRA EC as a hub from the regional to national and international levels.

Programme Directors are Anke Fischer, professor in Environmental Communication at SLU and Eva Friman, Director of SWEDESD.

Read more about Mistra EC at slu.se

At the Swedish School of Library and Information Science research on environmental information and communication is conducted in the following sub-projects: