Equal opportunities

Equal opportunities include all aspects of accessibility, diversity and equality work and are part of the university's quality work, which involves systematically developing and conducting the business. 

Equal opportunities work is coordinated with the university’s activities in the area of sustainable development and with those in the realm of systematic environmental work. Discussing and collaborating in mapping, analysis and activities based on these different aspects is fundamental in creating an holistic view of equal opportunities and their importance for sustainable development and for a good working environment.

The work related to equal opportunities is based on the Higher Education Act as well as the university’s overall objective for equal opportunities as set out in its Equal Opportunities Policy (Diary No: 847-12). The systematic work includes equal treatment of students, in accordance with the Discrimination Act's requirements for higher education as the education organizer, and equal opportunities and equal opportunities for employees in accordance with the Discrimination Act’s requirements of the University as an employer. The University’s work related to equal opportunities is also governed by Regulation (2001:526) pertaining to the responsibility of state authorities for the implementation of a disabilities policy. A special section, Accessibility, includes an action plan for such work.

The documentation contains a description of overall surveys, analyses, ongoing and specific measures. In addition to the overall documentation, the Department of Professional Services and the respective faculties are responsible for documentation of equal opportunities work using local mappings, analyses and measures. Follow-up of measures undertaken is carried out on an continuous basis and documentation is revised on at least two times per year, in the spring and autumn terms. Special undertakings are followed up in the annual activity report.

A special work on gender equality in the faculty is being carried out over the period 2016-2019.

Equal Opportunities Policy at the University of Borås, Reg. 479-19