R&I advising – from idea to impact

The Grants and Innovation Office (GIO) at the University of Borås offers researchers and research groups advising at every stage of your research project – from the initial project idea and through the entire project life cycle – with specialised expertise in research funding, the utilisation and impact of research results, as well as contract law.

GIO’s aim is to increase your chances of being granted research funding as well as to ensure the broad impact of your research results and to minimise the legal risks of project implementation.

GIO offers researchers and research groups advising on preparing applications for external research funding. GIO’s Research Advisors offer tailored advice on funding schemes and can also review project applications.

GIO’s Innovation Advisors offer information on different ways to ensure that ideas, knowledge, and new research results make an impact and make a difference; our Innovation Advisors can also advise you regarding the inventory and management of intellectual assets.

GIO’s Legal Counsel offer advising on contract law, IP issues, and project agreements.

Don’t hesitate to contact GIO if you need expert support! You are very welcome to book a meeting.

Contact details for the Grants and Innovation Office

We provide the university’s Faculties with specialised support in the following areas:

Research advising

GIO’s Research Advisors provide researchers and research groups with information on research funders, funding schemes, and eligibility for different programmes. Researchers and research groups can also be advised on how to prepare a project application, including consortia composition.

Our Research Advisors regularly monitor the calls and work programmes of prioritised research funding bodies; the Research Advisors are especially up-to-date regarding the Swedish national research funding programmes and Horizon Europe (HEU).

Innovation and utilisation

GIO’s Innovation Advisors offers advising on how to manage your project's research results and ways to spread your beneficial ideas and new knowledge. The Innovation Advisors also offer advising regarding the inventory of intellectual assets and valuable tools for validating research results.

Legal counsel

GIO’s Legal Counsel offers legal support in contract negotiations and contract writing with external partner organisations and research funders concerning research, collaboration, and education (incl. Erasmus+ SP2). Our Legal Counsel also offers legal advising regarding the utilisation of research results and intellectual property issues.

Our Legal Counsel has also expertise in GDPR and ethics advising related to R&I activities at the University of Borås.

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