Student Union

The Student Union works to ensure that you as a student have the best possible experience at the university! Through events, social activities, and monitoring the educational programmes, the Student Union supports you both in your studies and in your free time.

The Student Union arranges a lot of events every year so that you as a student have something fun to do in addition to your studies! Before each new academic year, we also arrange Introduction for new students, in which you can participate in enjoyable activities to get to know your new classmates, your Student Buddy (fadder in Swedish), and the university. You can participate in Introduction either as a new student or as a Student Buddy.

Students' conditions when it comes to their studies, such as the work environment, finances, and housing, are also continuously monitored by the Student Union. The Student Union furthermore conducts monitoring of the educational programmes by ensuring that representative students participate in preparatory and decision-making bodies at the university.

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As a member of the Student Union, you belong to a section: Novitas, Humanitas, or Scientias. These sections are according to education area.

Being a member of the Student Union of Borås is strictly voluntary.
For more information, visit the Student Union of Borås website (external link).


As part of the Student Union, there is the committee Student Sports (Studentsport in Swedish), in which you as a member can get more involved. Contact the committees through Facebook or Instagram if you want to know more. 

Student Groups

At the University of Borås, there are also several independent student groups you can join if you would like to meet like-minded people and have fun. See the full list of our groups here.