Textilhögskolan Technical Textile Innovation

Master Programme (Two Year) in Technical Textile Innovation 120 hp

Autumn 2024
Full-time 100%, Day

Discover the perfect blend of textile innovation and sustainable development. This programme is designed with a strong foundation in textile technology and methodology in design, product development, sustainability, and innovation. These core pillars are seamlessly integrated to fuel creativity and drive innovation within textile production and technology.

Immerse yourself in a vibrant learning environment where you will collaborate with students from our Master's programmes in Textile Technology and Engineering as well as Resource Recovery. Together, you will learn as you tackle real-world challenges and explore cutting edge concepts. Through joint courses in Textile Technology, Ethics in the Textile Value Chain, Product Development, Circular Economy and Life Cycle Assessment, you will gain a solid foundation and technical expertise.

As you progress, dive into programme-specific courses such as Creative Design Processes, Textile Product Design-Construction and Joining Technology, Advanced Finishing and Dyeing, and Innovative Textile Product Development.

In the final stages of each year, you’ll have the opportunity to apply your expertise in project courses that focus on advanced textiles and sustainable development in close collaboration with industry professionals and researchers. These project courses will also deepen your understanding of scientific theory and research methods, equipping you with invaluable skills for your future career.

Well-equipped laboratories

The Swedish School of Textiles has well-equipped laboratories, both industrial and small-scaled research labs, in which you will get the unique opportunity to develop hands-on laboratory skills though assignments and projects where ideas are materialised as proof-of-concept mock-ups. The staff’s competence is unique and enables the strong research basis of the education.

Career opportunities

After graduation, you'll have a wide range of career paths to explore. You can pursue leading positions such as product development manager, innovation and sustainability manager, or you can start your own innovation agency. With your extensive knowledge and experience, you'll be well equipped to excel in these roles within various textile industries. Alternatively, you can choose to continue your academic journey by pursuing a doctorate, opening doors to cutting-edge research opportunities.

About the Swedish School of Textiles
This programme is at the Swedish School of Textiles at the University of Borås, a hub for ideas, innovation, and development within textiles and fashion. The Swedish School of Textiles is ranked as one of the world’s best fashion schools!