Centre for Sustainable Society Development (CHS)

This is a multidisciplinary research and collaboration platform where the university meets with actors from business, culture, and the community.

Centre for Sustainable Society Development (CHS)

The three dimensions—the environment, economics, and the social dimension—are seen as intertwined but yet with conflicts around values and goals.

In line with this holistic perspective lies the concept of society development. CHS has a strong focus on questions of building and housing and transport infrastructure, but the starting point is society development in a more broad perspective. This can be exemplified by, for example, environmental consequences related to choice of materials or the economic and social consequences of energy-saving efforts. In order to achieve sustainable societal development, CHS activities also includes sustainable transport infrastructures. Taken together, the focus is on both material and immaterial relationships, and the purpose is knowledge-sharing that promotes sustainable society development.

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