Louise Limberg

Email: louise.limberg@hb.se

Room number: C528

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Dr. Louise Limberg is Senior Professor of Library and Information Science (LIS), specialising in information seeking and use. Her research interests concern the interaction between information seeking and use and learning, linked to issues of information literacy.

A series of studies have been conducted, where the particular object of research was directed to students' ways of interacting with information systems and sources as well as with fellow students and adults throughout the learning process. Other studies have focused on educators’ (teachers and librarians) perspective of the same theme of interaction between teaching, learning and information seeking practices in school environments. Main conclusions are that variation of the quality of students' information seeking and use interacts closely with variation of the quality of their learning outcomes, indicating information literacy as a critical feature of learning via digital tools and information sources. Theoretical approaches adopted have been phenomenography and a socio-cultural perspective of learning. 

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